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We value our affiliates and referral partners. In order to join an iHub opportunity you must be invited by another iHub member.

ERC Program

New Opportunity

Help business owners recover their Employee Retention Credit

Powerful Earning Opportunity
Our ERC Program allows you to refer businesses to ERC and earn with a done for you system
Build Relationships
Expand and strengthen your B2B relationships by offering an incredible service
Strategic Partnerhip
Our partner Bottom Line Concepts has 15 years of experience helping business recover goverment funds.

iHub Travel

Never pay retail for travel again. Exclusive travel rates and lifestyle benefits.

Powerful Savings + Earning Opportunity
iHub Travel allows you save money and book travel at the industry lowest rates. Plus share iHub Travel with others and earn.
Build Relationships
Expand and strengthen your relationships by saving them money on their Travel expenses whether business or pleasure.
Strategic Partnerhip
Our partner Arrivia is one of the largest distributors of travel and backs every booking with 110{0963f0230a10287c91e26380263689171d8f3fc7fa177c9bd345951f5aada6a6} guarantee lowest rate.

iHub Meta + Loop TV

A world of entertainment and digital signage free for businesses.

Powerful B2B Product + Earning Opportunity
Provide business owner with a free premium content streaming and digital signage for their business and earn for every device you deploy.
Build Relationships
Expand and strengthen your relationships by enhancing customer content, entertainment and digital signage for businesses.
Strategic Partnerhip
Loop’s proprietary multi-streaming platform and device revolutionizes licensed entertainment and digital signage for business owners.

iHub Global + Helium + IoT

Building the worlds largest people driven blockchain IoT Network with Helium

High Impact + Make a difference
The peoples network breaks the boundaries of networks ruled by big telecom, and provides data coverage that spans the globe and uplifts economies.
Earning Opportunity
By participating in the people’s network you can be rewarded with blockchain currency by being your own node in supporting the network.
Strategic Partnerhip
iHub’s deep relationships with manufacturers like Linxdot, Nebra, and Finestra make it possible for us to deliver product on demand.